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     Guangxi FangChengGang DuoLin Chemical Co., Ltd is an enterprise focus on producing phosphorus chemicals. Our factory is located at Fangcheng Port, which is the biggest port exporting phosphoric acid in China. Our annual capacity of thermal process phosphoric acid is 50000 MT.
    We are equipped with a complete set of testing equipments and have strict quality control systems. Our factory is only 11 kilometers away Fangcheng port terminal. This convenient transportation condition should always guarantee timely shipment.

    “Competitive price and good quality, Customer first and good service” is our company’s philosophy. We will adhere to the implementation of strict quality control and abide the contracts with our customers. Our products are sold well in domestic market and mainly export to the Southeast Asia, Middle East, as well as Australia and other countries and regions.

    Only focusing on phosphoric acid will make us perfect in this industry!
    DuoLin Chemical will continue to satisfy our customers with high quality products and good service In the future
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